Robert W. Hershman



Affiliations and Activities

Biography cont.

Bob Hershman is a partner of the firm. Bob provides a wide breadth of legal services, including representation in litigated and transactional matters. Bob has extensive litigation experience as a civil defense attorney, and has achieved favorable outcomes for clients facing accusations based on claims involving premises, products, auto and professional liability.

He currently represents several national retail chains in premises liability actions, a number of large commercial bus companies in auto liability matters, and a manufacturer of playground equipment in products liability cases. Bob’s practice also includes the defense of insurance agents and brokers in professional liability claims.

Bob also represents individuals who have sustained injury due to the negligent acts of others. He helps personal injury victims obtain just compensation for injuries that have resulted from traffic accidents, slip and fall accidents, accidents in the home, and defective-product accidents.

Bob prides himself on the relationships he develops with his clients. He is results-driven and understands that successful outcomes are obtained by focusing on the process to achieve the clients’ objectives.

Bob has a strong interest in the education and development of the youth of Philadelphia. For the past five years, Bob has volunteered for the Philadelphia Bar Association’s Advancing Civics Education (ACE) Program. ACE provides public school students with activities that emphasize the role of law, and the duties/rights of citizens in our society.


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